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  Keola Wellness was founded in 2015 with a clear mission – to help integrate massage into urban lifestyles for health promotion. 

Massage is an economical, safe, underutilized & underrated tool that can help the body – mind connect, relieve physical & emotional stress; and reduce the build-up & impact of lifestyle induced chronic diseases. Massage can be integrated into primal (pre-natal/ infants) & primary preventive healthcare therapy . 


  Education, awareness & regulation in the field of massage is required to ensure that therapists have the mastery of core skills & knowledge, and adhere to code of ethics and best practices.

Keola aims to bring you exactly that – quality services & education in the field of massage therapy!

Meet the Team



Hi, I’m Jyoti, mother of two,  blessed with a loving family, and having worked in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years,  I have been a sucker for a good massage and spa treatments for as long as I can remember.

I started my journey in the pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical & dermatological, industry, working to promote baby massage & post-natal massage oils. I then moved on to research on the benefits of massage, use of vegetable oils and herbs/ essential oils in formulations. My work allowed me to dabble in formulations, marketing/promotions, massages & aromatherapy. My interest & curiosity led me to explore more keenly the world of essential oils & massage for health promotion. Along the way, I set up one of India’s first Day Spa in Bangalore, worked with several spas (including hotel spas like Ritz Carlton & The Oberoi Group), & skin care companies, promoted infant & prenatal massage - in India, Australia & USA

With an MBA in marketing, and experience in the spa, hotel, pharmaceutical, cosmetics & retail industry, I acquired a broad range of project planning & operational understanding; as well as business, marketing & technical skills.

Over the years I have trained & got certified in USA & India in various alternative therapy fields including Massage therapy (in a multitude of modalities, including infant, pre-natal), aroma therapy & Spa therapies

My mission as an entrepreneur & educator is to create awareness and provide quality massage therapy programs for individuals and corporates, helping people use a health promotion tool that literally lies at our fingertips



Hi! I am Alpa, mother of two thriving young girls ! I’m a graduate in Microbiology, a freelance

educational consultant with Educational Technologies Ltd and also a Cuemath Teacher partner.

And now, my association with Keola Wellness has helped me realise that my passion lies in the

area of early childhood care and development.

I have enjoyed each stage of my babies growing up, but some of the most cherished memories

are from their daily massage time ritual!

We all know the science behind the practice of infant massage and that it is beneficial in so

many ways for the baby as well as the mom. So yes, it is a science ,but it is not rocket science! I

would like to introduce all new and expecting moms to the art and science of baby massage.

A new born recognises her mother's touch. It's the first form of communication between mother

and baby. It can calm, relax and comfort the baby more than anything else.

So moms, what are we waiting for ! Come and join us at Keola Wellness Infant massage course

to learn the art, science and joys of baby massage!



  Hi, I’m Preeti Bakshi, an engineer and MBA (Wales,UK) by education, a marketing professional with 13 years of experience in corporate marketing and communications for multinational companies and now a mom to a new born baby girl.

The transition from being a career woman to a hands-on mom has been a challenging yet rewarding experience, as I enjoy the most joyous phase of my life, raising my daughter.

The most special time with my girl is when I give her a massage, singing to her softly, while the eye to eye contact, the giggles and the bond between us makes it more reassuring for her. It’s been a stress-buster for me, has helped with postnatal depression and has made me feel more empowered as a parent.

I am an obsessive mother and I am sure there are enough moms like me who only want the best and do not wish to compromise, on what’s good for their babies. For all those new mothers, my endeavor is to create awareness about the benefits of massage and implement this wonderful routine into their busy lifestyles

Coming from a family of doctors and nutritionists, I'm a firm believer in an active, healthy lifestyle. Being fortunate to have traveled extensively, I've always taken out time to experience local wellness & massage treatments, wherever I go, from Turkey and Bali to the Mediterranean and far east. 

As part of the Keola Team, my mission is to share the benefits of massage and help hotels, corporates and one family at a time, along their journey of holistic well-being